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traditional indian wedding hairstyles for long hair

traditional indian wedding hairstyles for long hair

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Traditional Indian wedding is the combination of both ancient ritual and celebration. Unlike other wedding ceremonies you may see around the globe, Indian wedding spends multiple days to fulfill each part of the ceremony. More, when it comes to the guest that joins to the wedding, then you may find numerous people around one hundred to five thousand people. Traditional wedding in India is divided by three processes to complete the overall wedding celebration; the before wedding celebration, the wedding celebration and the after wedding celebration. Similar like Indian weeding you may witness on Bollywood movie, there is the mixture of dance, color, and some in any typical traditional wedding in India.

Three Main Processes of Traditional Indian Wedding

Even though the celebration is also influenced by religion, region and the family status in society, but in common, traditional wedding in India consists of this following things like;(1) before wedding celebration where the engagement and Sangeet (Mehendi) ceremony occurs,(2)wedding celebration where the main wedding ceremony occurs, usually this one begins when the groom and his family arrive at the bride’s home. And yes, during wedding ceremony there are some traditions that should be done one by one. (3) After wedding ceremony is a typical celebration where the grand feast occurs.

Another Feature in Traditional Wedding in India

Beside those three wedding processes, a traditional wedding in India will never be completed without a wedding game. Even though there are many types of wedding game in this typical wedding, but the most famous one is hide and seek the shoe. This wedding game is occurred once the groom arrives and puts off his shoe. The sister from the bride side, then hide the shoe. Guess what? In order to get his shoe back, the groom should pay something to his sister in law. During this game, there is fun negotiation process between the groom and the sister in law, for sure this kind of wedding game is quite entertaining for both parties.