Beauty in Classic with Wedding Veil Styles

Wedding veil styles – to be classic in the wedding can be obtained from some wedding element, such as wedding dress, wedding decoration or wedding ring.  One of the most classic styles that become obsolete is wedding veil. In this modern day, the bride sometimes does not need the veil anymore; it is because the bride wants the simplicity by just managing the hair styling. However, there is no harm in using the veil as an ornamental your head to give classic impression.

Wedding Veil Styles – Models and Designs

In the past, you must be seen many bride use veil as the head ornament while blessing ceremony in the altar. Their pretty face is covered with veil then it is opened by the groom. It looks really romantic with a kiss which is landed on the lips after opening the veil. If you are going to hold the classic wedding theme and imagining what the story tells above, you can use some design of veils. There are some veils styles we are going to show you that can be your inspiration. If you want to use long veil, there is birdcage wedding veil with rhinestone comb. This style looks like headband which is clamped on the head and covered the face partially. If you want to be classic, there is scalloped lace mantilla. This is designed as long as the hip with floral pattern of lace. YOU can also stand classic like royal princess of the empire with Kate Middleton lace veil. This veil is made with lace ornament on the edge of the veil.

Ways in Making Veil

Veil is actually simple ornament you can make yourself as the complement for your wedding dress. There are some steps in making veil easily. The main material is tulle, needle, thread, ribbon and hairpin. Next, you have to iron all kinks and creases of tulle. Next, flip the edge of the tulle and cut off the outer corner. After that you have to stitch with your hand and attach the ribbon on the edge. The last is attaching the hair pin on the top side and decorate it with flowers.