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burgundy wedding bouquet flowers

burgundy wedding bouquet flowers

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Burgundy wedding can be listed for you who want to hold your wedding day. Burgundy provides adorable impression wedding that serves with cranberry color. You can design your entire wedding things with burgundy combinations color. Now, many people who chose the burgundy theme for a wedding party, because it is considered simple, elegant and very memorable. You can apply this theme both in indoor or outdoor party. It can be customized with your own desire. Design it perfectly.

How Do You Design Your Wedding Burgundy?

First, after you choose the location of your wedding party, you can think what kinds of things that you will design for your party. For example, if you choose an indoor, you can design a party room as beautiful as possible. You can choose wide room that gives the impression of color golden color. Then, you can choose the circle table which covers with burgundy color tablecloth, also white and red roses on the table. Give a touch of white for glasses and plates. For outdoor party, you can serve long table which covers with a white tablecloth and burgundy stripes.

How About the Bride Fits With Burgundy Theme?

Brides will be happy with this theme. They will be very beautiful by wearing pretty cranberry gowns with flower hand bucket hold in her hand which is filled with strong red roses, white roses, and dahlias in one combination. Brides will more gorgeous if she wears a cranberry color of high heels with her gown. Do not forget about your hairstyle. Low bun with flower hair clips will suit with your hairstyle, or perhaps, you want to flatter your long hair in your wedding hairstyle. Then, the groom wears black suit with peace shoes. What a lovely couple they are who will walk in the cranberry wedding run.