Unity Candles for Wedding, What’s it? What’s for?

Unity candles for wedding somehow become popular nowadays. Even though it is still unknown when the tradition about lighting the unity candle begins, but this tradition is very popular in both US and Canada. In fact, since, this kind of tradition like lighting unity candle is not a part of Christian wedding tradition, even though […]

Classic Design of Mason jar Wedding Invitations

Mason jar wedding invitations can be your creative design idea in making invitation card for your friend and colleague. Mason jar is described as classic glass jar which is usually made for fireflies or as flower vase. Making wedding invitation with Mason jar means that you have to design the card with Mason jar shape […]

Lace Wedding Invitations Letters

Lace wedding invitations are still rare in the way of inviting some persons in order to tell the guests to come to the wedding ceremony and reception. There are so many wedding invitations that are available to be the wedding invitation. By using the lace as the part of the wedding invitation or even the […]

Classic and Vintage Style of Burlap Wedding Invitations

Burlap wedding invitations – if you want to hold a wedding party or wedding ceremony with vintage and classic style, you have to represent it by the wedding invitation first. To show the vintage look through wedding invitation is using burlap concept. Burlap is the right choice since it has soft color of white and […]

The Unique Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

Boarding pass wedding invitations are good to be chosen as your wedding invitations. The boarding pass design that used as a wedding invitation includes as the unique wedding invitation. This is very good for those of you who likes about the unique terms. It is because there are many wedding invitations that are created in […]