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photos of civil wedding ceremony

photos of civil wedding ceremony

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Civil wedding ceremony makes lots of people feel confused about the meaning of its marriage. It means that the ceremony hold in the two different religious backgrounds but still has an official recognition in the law. So, you do not need to do twice wedding ceremonies that adjust by customs and way of your religion. You can do it only once wedding ceremony. After that, you have finished the ceremony. You should immediately go to the city hall to get a legal and official marriage license. This marriage is recognized in the community as long as it follows the regulations.

What Are the Difference Between the Common Wedding Ceremony and Civil Wedding Ceremony?

Well, there are several differences between the common wedding and this civil wedding. At the same time, in the civil war wedding ceremony, you can give other elements, such as reading one poem of certain books or your own favorite books, conveying a romantic song that you have created or sing special song for your brides, and other performing arts. In addition, beside it is as an important event, you can express anything else that shows you look very happy in your wedding ceremony.

How About the Wedding Decoration of This Civil Ceremony?

Even they have several differences with the common wedding ceremony. However, the decoration of this civil war is similar like the common wedding ceremony. You can fulfill your wedding decoration with kinds of beautiful flowers, wedding table arrangement, and flowers arrangement. Other things also involve in this term, such as bridal clothes, bridal hairstyles, invitation cards for some guests and many more. You can decorate your wedding day base on your own favorite style and themes. However, the main thing that you have to think about this civil war is to fulfill the regulations.