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wedding photos at city hall san francisco

wedding photos at city hall san francisco

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San Francisco City Hall wedding becomes one of dreams for many couples to celebrate their wedding ceremony there. Besides, being one of the famous buildings in San Francisco, you can also feel the luxury atmosphere of the building which has designed with luxury, elegance, and classic architectural impression that brings memorable value to the bride who wants to get married here. However, they must do registration in accordance with applicable regulations.

What Kinds of the Building Regulation for City Hall San Francisco Wedding?

Brides must prepare a few things before they hold wedding ceremony in this luxurious building. Wedding ceremony in this building will be implemented only on Monday through Friday with a different schedule. Then, you will be charged about $ 76 for the initial booking fee. However, in this building also serves online booking reservations building, but the party should be able to pay the fee after finish do the reservation. The fee reservations can pay by the bride or the third parties. In addition, you also have to provide your valid marriage license if you really want to hold your wedding ceremony in here.

What Should Be Prepared in San Francisco Wedding Hall Building?

Besides bringing a validmarriage license, you also need to bring legal identity photo. Guests who attend should not too much. It is about 6 guests who are allowed to attend the ceremony, they include of the witness, photographer, and children. Indeed, hold wedding ceremony in this building needs extra preparation, and the preparation is quite complicated, because it is an official event. If you are interested to get married here, you can make a reservation immediately. Then, do not forget to prepare your fee and all the requirements that are needed by party. However, you will get a great experience if you hold your wedding ceremony in San Francisco Building.