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Gold watches are the accessories with has an important function. It reminds you about the time. As the time goes by, the usage of the watch is not about its main function. Now, the watch is about style and fashion too. In sum, you get a lot of advantages by wearing a watch. You know, the watch for man is completely different with the woman. There are three kinds of watch that have ever created. The first type is analogue watch. This analogue watch uses the pointer to show the hour, minute, and second. The second type is the digital watch. The display of this watch uses the digital number. The last type is the analogue kinetic. Actually, it is just like the analogue watch, but the type of the energy source is different. While the analogue watch and digital watch use battery as the energy source, whereas the last type uses the kinetic sensor.

Gold Watches for Specific Event

You cannot wear this kind of watch as your daily accessories. It would be too flashy and you might not comfortable with the glare of every person who sees you. However, it can enhance your appearance if you wear it in the glamour party. By wearing the classic tuxedo and this watch, you are a gentleman with the high class accessory. Well, you may wear it on your right hand or left hand. It depends on your habit.

The Type of the Man’s Watches

The classification of the watch can be based its style and design. There are several major design of the watches that are widely known. Those are sporty, classic, casual, and premium. Well, you may wear one of these watches depending on your activity. The sporty watch is suitable to be worn when you exercise. The classic watch could be your daily watch. The casual watch may be used for any kind of occasion, whereas the premium watch is just for a special event or party.