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Gold rings are so fascinating. It can beautify any finger that wears it. Yes, any women can wear a ring that made of gold, but not any women know how to choose the right ring for them. Actually, to know which one is best or not, you don’t need to be expert. Since, just a basic knowledge that you know about this fine material is enough to get the best ring for your own version. Hence, if you are curious about the things you should know toward picking the ring properly, below you will get the way.

To Do List for Gold Rings

If in near of time you have a plan to purchase a ring made of gold, here are some lists for you to think about; the karat must be your first priority when you choose this kind of thing. Some say, if you expect the durability from this kind of ring, lower down the karat then. Since, the higher the karat the softer the gold will be. Something like 10K or 14K is good enough if you want to wear this ring every day. However, if you have kind of allergic, it is better if you choose the higher karat like above 18K.

The Other Lists for the Ring

If you want to add gemstone, consider about the setting material of the ring. It means, the material should be strong enough to keep the gemstone on its place for a long time. Please avoid pure gold for setting material since it is not strong enough instead you can choose platinum. But, if you can’t afford platinum, you can use white gold rhodium plating as its cover. Consider also the number of the prong when it relates to the setting of the ring. Six prongs is recommended if you wear your ring with gemstone every day.