Mystical Beetlejuice Wedding Theme

Beetlejuice Wedding is a theme decoration for your wedding party. This is a new innovation for wedding decoration. This decoration is adapted by the American comedy fantasy film called Beetlejuice. The film is about the young couple who was becoming ghosts and tries to scare new residents. Based on that film story, you will know that it is a horror film. Are you bored with a monotone wedding decoration? You should try this decoration. Make the mystical nuance for your wedding decoration.

How to create Beetlejuice Wedding

If you want to create Beetlejuice decoration of wedding you must consider about your dress. The dress must be relevant with the theme. You can start with make invitation that is horrible. It lets your guests to know about the theme of your wedding party. Tell them about the dress code which is suitable with the theme. You have to prepare and order wedding cake. The wedding cake must be horror too. You can order white cake but it has red color. The red color of your wedding cake is like a blood that is spreading on the cake. Otherwise, you can order the stripe wedding cake. It has black and white color and it is suitable with the dress which is used by bridegroom in the film.

The Mystical Wedding Gown

In the wedding party, the one of important things is the gown that is used by the bride and the bridegroom. You can make your own gown. A tailor can help to make it but you have to make a design first. Red cloth will be the most recommended color to make your gown is more mystical. Do not forget to bring a bucket of red flowers when you are walking to the altar. In the film, the actress used red gown, so you should imitate her. The bridegroom may use red suit or stripe suit but it must be suitable with spouse’s gown. Are you ready for “horrible” party? Make it is real with this creative horror theme.