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queen mary wedding ideas

queen mary wedding ideas

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Queen Mary wedding is a wedding ceremony that be held in a famous big ship called queen Mary this ship is from United State and this is one of the most fast ship in this century. Over 15 years, this ship was used as the trans atlantic ship with the luxurious design inside, from this luxury, this ship also called the moving palace. That is why this ship is now using for held wedding ceremony. For those who love the high class sense, choose to create the wedding ceremony in the queen Mary ship will never be a wrong decision.

Luxury Wedding Ceremony ByQueen Mary Wedding

If you want something different in your wedding by providing the incredible experience for you and your all invited guest, held your wedding ceremony in queen marry will be a great idea. Queen marry has an interesting history since it was construct, that is in 1930. If you are interesting to rent this ship and crossing the seas with pride, you can go to call the official queen mary crewman in United State. This big ship will capable to take about 600 guest for the outdoor and 500 guest for the indoor.

Big Capacity Big Happiness that Share

With that big capacity, you can invite over 1000 guest to attend your wedding ceremony, the more number of people that you invite the more alive your wedding ceremony will be. You can give them the unforgettable experience by taking them across the seas and celebrating your wedding. To make it more interesting, if it possible, you can invite your favorite singer or band group to entertain your guest during the wedding celebration, that will be sure that your wedding ceremony will be one of the greatest wedding that people ever held. There is various cost for renting this ship, you can choose the most suitable cost that you could afford.