Stone Rings – The type of the Finger and Palm

Stone rings belong to the premium jewelry. If you really wear this premium ring on your finger, you have to be careful. The current criminal record shows that the falsification of the precious stone is getting higher. Choosing the real stone is very difficult process. If you are not so sure about your own judgment, you may go to the jewelry store with your friend who knows about the stone. The easiest solution is buying the ring in the trusted store. The biggest and most famous jewelry store in the country will guarantee the originality of its product.

Stone Rings for a Woman Who Has Short Finger and Square Palm

The woman who has fingers and palm with this characteristic cannot wear a ring with oval stone. The ring with the right design influences the appearance of its owner. The shape of the oval stone is the opposite of the square shape. Therefore, if you have this kind of characteristic, you must avoid the oval ring. If you still wear it, then there will not be harmony in your appearance. Moreover, your finger will look shorter and your palm will look bigger. Indeed, it is the negative effect of wearing the wrong accessory. The right stone for this type is marquise and pear. Your finger will look longer and the palm will be slimmer.

The Right Ring for the Palm with Oval Shape and Long Finger

If this type resembles yours, then you have to follow this tip. Do not ever think to use ring with large precious stone. It is a bad idea. It does not matter how expensive and how big your precious stone is, it looks bad on you. The large stone makes your finger look so thin. Besides the size of the stone, it is better to avoid the precious stone with the heart shape and oval shape. Remember this, “the price is not the parameter of the beauty, but the consideration must be your main concern”.