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white gold diamond necklace

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Diamond necklace has a special beauty that is not owned by any other jewelry. This is because the diamond is the most expensive gems in the world. In addition, it is also known as the strong precious stones that resistan to the temperature changes and concussion. You will not regret to have diamond in your jewelry collections. Diamonds are considered as the king among the other jewelry. Its prices are comparable with the quality. When you look at it carefully, diamonds will display the reflection of very elegant gray. You will not find this beauty on the other jewelry. Therefore, if you find a rainbow color scheme on the diamond, it can be regarded as the fake diamond.

Long Diamond Necklace

Almost all of the elite upper class has diamond jewelries. It is a symbol of identity and prestige in the society. Besides, it also can increase the social status. No wonder so many women admire the beauty of the diamond. Not all stores sell diamond jewelry because it has the very high prices. It is only the certain licensed stores that can sell diamonds. Generally, the necklace is not entirely made of diamond. It is usually designed with a mixture of gold and pearls as decoration. Typically, diamond is mounted on the pendant necklace. Pendant that is designed from the pink diamond is perfect for young women. This confirms the femininity of women.

The Types of Necklace

There are many types of necklaces that can be combined with the diamond pendant. The first type is Collar. The length of this necklace is 12-13 inch. This actually has a design that is attached to the neck like a collar. It is inspired by traditional Egyptian necklace. The second type is Chocker. It is classified as the short necklace because it only has 14-16 inches length. It is suitable for formal events at night. The third type is Princess. This is the type that comes with a pendant. It is the necklace that most often chosen by women.