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Pearl bracelet is a jewelry that is not only suitable for formal events, but also can be used as a complement to your daily fashion. Along with the progress of time, there are a lot of fake pearls on the market. Therefore, if you are the pearl lover, you must equip yourself with enough knowledge when buying pearl jewelry. The first step to determine the authenticity of pearls is by checking pearls with your mouth. Put pearls into your mouth, and then rub or bite it gently. If you feel that slippery, it is a fake because the original pearl has so sandy texture. This is the best way that has been applied to many people to test the authenticity of pearls.

What the Characteristics of Fake Pearl bracelet?

Fake pearl usually feels light when weighed in the hand. In addition, you also have to learn the price range offered for the original pearls. This can be used as a reference when you visit a jewelry store. Furthermore, you also can use a magnifying glass to observe the surface of the pearl. If you find a hole in the surface, notice the texture of the hole with a magnifying glass. Fake pearls have hole’s periphery that look rough and uneven. And the last is by observing the pattern of lines or streaks on the pearls. If the pearls look flawless without any lines, it can be considered that you hold the fake pearls.

Differences of Freshwater and Sea Water Pearls

Some people may know the characteristics of original and fake pearls. However, they do not necessarily understand the differences of sea water and freshwater pearls. Sea water pearls are much more expensive since to produce a single pearl, it takes time for 3 years. Meanwhile, freshwater shells can produce 6-15 pearls within 6 months. In addition, sea water pearls also have a greater variety of sizes and colors.