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black pearl necklace

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Pearl necklace is made specifically for women. High quality pearls is more expensive than the other jewelries. When talk about the necklace, there are several types of necklaces that are often combined with pearls. Women often choose the Matinee necklace designed entirely with pearls. The length of Matinee is approximately 22 inches and it is perfect when paired with tube dress. This necklace will fall just above the breastbone when you wear it. In fact, it is also suitable combined with high neck clothes. This will make your neck look longer and sexier. The second recommended type is Chocker necklace. It is well suited for any formal or casual nuances.

The Model of Pearl Necklace

Most necklaces are made with a simple design without a lot of accessories since the beauty of pearls is enough to enhance your appearance. Be wise in choosing the model of necklace. It should be tailored to the type and design of your dress. When you are wearing this necklace, you do not need to use any other jewelry such as pearl earrings or bracelets. You simply complete the look with a minimalist clutch in silver color. Pearls can always be the center of attention for all women. Do not bet your self-esteem to wear the fake pearls. As information for you, if you want the best necklace, choose Akoya pearls.

The Characteristic of the Best Pearls

Akoya pearl is the most expensive type of pearl because it is very rare. It has a diameter greater than 10 mm. Gradation of colors offered by these pearls range from light pink, white to cream. You have to order it ahead of time to have this pearl. The second type is the freshwater pearls of China. This has comparable quality to Akoya pearls. When buying pearl jewelry, observe its texture and shape. The original pearls are definitely smooth and free from blemish.