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western theme wedding guest book

western theme wedding guest book

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Book Theme Wedding is a wedding’s theme that used many books for decoration ornaments. The book themes have a simple concept in decoration, and this is very easy to make. This wedding theme is a vintage and not much couple who know it. Actually, it is the new kind of wedding theme innovation. The book theme wedding event is usually held in library, but it also can hold in common ballroom and at the garden. You can blend the book theme wedding with other wedding theme. The book theme will spout relax, humble and warm nuance effects. For you who very like the books, you must decide to have a book theme wedding once for your lifetime.

How to make an interest Book Theme Wedding

Nowadays, many smart innovation of wedding theme pop out, for example the book theme. Although some people not much who knows, up till now much enough couples begin to try. To make a book theme wedding, you not need to worry about the process and actually about the cost. Because of as you know, the materials for decorate that wedding place is use the paper and books for made many creation things, include for make the flowers, table cloth, invitations, hanging backdrop ornaments, table ornaments, canopy drop ornaments, and many more. You can make any other innovations. It is very cheap, isn’t it? After that, you may make a lot of decorate combinations from flowers, or ribbon, bottles and don’t forget to add the book theme wedding cake.

Feel the Unique Wedding Party

If you want to apply the book theme wedding, you can believe that your wedding ceremony and reception will not make your guests feel boring. Maybe they precisely feel taken with your unique wedding theme. It will make your best wedding ever.