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unity candles holders for weddings

unity candles holders for weddings

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Unity candles for wedding somehow become popular nowadays. Even though it is still unknown when the tradition about lighting the unity candle begins, but this tradition is very popular in both US and Canada. In fact, since, this kind of tradition like lighting unity candle is not a part of Christian wedding tradition, even though there is not all of them, but some Christian churches bans this kind of tradition. Nevertheless, as part of wedding ceremony, for sure there is a great meaning behind unity candle which makes many couples include this one as part of their wedding celebration. Speaking of which, just likes its name, this candle represents both the union of the bride and groom together with their family.

How to Do Unity Candles for Wedding

When it comes to the way how to add unity candle feature as part of wedding ceremony, in fact, there is no certain rule that binds it. The way to do it, commonly, like mother from two sides of bride and the groom light the taper candle. After doing so, both bride and the groom will take that taper candle to light the unity candle. Usually, a unity candle is a typical big and tall white candle which is ornate by whether the photographs of both the bride and the groom or any other things like flower or some.

Consideration for Unity Candles in Wedding

Not to mention, but here are some significant things that should be existed when it comes to unity candle occasion; the mothers, the taper candle, the bride and the groom, and the last one is the unity candle itself. Then, how about if a mother from one’s side is deceased? The truth is, both bride and the groom still can apply this kind of occasion if they yearn this one so much. Why? As it is mentioned earlier that there is no precise rule about unity candle celebration, so then the passed away mother can be replaced by sister, grandmother, or aunt of yours.