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plus size bridesmaid dresses in eggplant

plus size bridesmaid dresses in eggplant

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Eggplant bridesmaid dresses has very interesting hues. This dress applies dark purple like the color that contained in eggplant. This color has a very strong and passionate character. For the bridesmaid who wants to look elegant and glamorous, you should choose this dress. Eggplant dresses in trumpet models are very unique and quirky dresses. However, this dress is more suitable for use by women who are light skinned. Beauty color of purple will be exudes on your whites. While, for those who have tanned skin, you should wear a dress in soft purple color that seem fresher.

Why Choose Eggplant Bridesmaid Dresses?

This dress is usually chosen by women who are energetic and slightly ambitious. Its dark color gives the deep and brave shades. In addition, this color gives a totally different impression with white bridesmaid dresses. Not few women who chose this dress to make them look exotic. If you choose this dress, you should be careful in choosing the design and colors of the accessories to match with your dress. There is little color that matches when combined with purple, one of which is white. This color is the most compatible partner for the purple. The combination of the two colors is very romantic and smooth.

White and Purple

The bride in a long white dress that surrounded by bridesmaids in eggplant dress can be a very pretty sight. It will be interesting if the bridesmaids holding a bouquet of white flowers with a slight orange tinge. You can use a pair of high heels in silver or gold to give the impression of sparkling beautiful. This dress can also be modified with a ribbon that wrapped around the waist or on a bouquet of flowers. Make creative and cute style according to your own creativity and characters.