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wood rings

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Wood rings are not new accessory. It has existed since a long time ago. Recently, the popularity of this accessory keeps rising because of the development of the current style. One of the traditional style as well as the classic style becomes the trending topic again. Yes, the vintage style is on the upper list of the fashion chart. This classic style is so simple, yet it is so attractive and interesting. If you can find the perfect accessories as the pair of the clothing, you can the super model. You know, the vintage style looks better on a girl, so it is time for you to follow the trend. Then, you do not have to worry about the accessory. The ring that is made of wood can be the perfect combination of your vintage style.

The Motif and Color Pattern of the Wood Rings

Any item that is made of wood is easy to be recognized. In fact, that is the special value of the wood. However, if you are so eager to create your own ring and paint it with the flashy color, you destroy the special value of the wood. It is not impossible to have a ring that is made of wood with bright color. The wood with natural finish has bright and clear color. Moreover, the natural pattern is visible. All right, that is one of the colors. You have already known the other colors right? Those are brown color schemes.

Additional Ornament of the Ring

If you think that the normal ring is just too plain for you, the ornament is capable of transforming the ring. Well, you can do wrap plastic leaf to your ring as the ornament. You have to remember this; do not use plastic leaf with large size and flashy color. The plastic leaf with green or light green color is the only choice that you have. As the alternative, you can carve your name on your ring.